We highly recommend following the Online Recovery Programme, however we understand that every person is different therefore every injury is different and some people may find that their injury doesn’t quite fit the typical recovery pattern…

If you think this is you and you haven’t quite got the results you were hoping for from the program we recommend a 1:1 online consultation with one of our specialist Physiotherapists via videoconference.

The consultation consists of a small form which you fill out prior to the session. This helps us to get a good background of your injury so when the video consultation starts we can get right to the point and make the most of the session. We will guide you on what to do, what to expect with your injury and most importantly how to get better!


Use our online booking system, here you will find convenient times for you to speak to one of our specialist Physiotherapists. During the booking process we will get you to fill in an online form giving us a brief history of your injury, your health and you. You can let us decide who is best for you to speak to dependant on your answers, or you can check out the profiles of our team here.

The first (initial) consultation will be 30 minutes long, this makes sure we have plenty of time to ask you all the questions we need to make a good diagnosis and give you the right advice to help you along your way. If we’ve met before then the consultation (follow-up) will be 15 minutes. We will have your records to hand so you won’t waste time going over your problem again.

You can look through our team of specialised Physiotherapists online and decide who you wish to talk to, or complete the form, pick a time and date and we will find the right person for you.

Most injuries are diagnosed with a good history taking, how the injury occurred, the location of pain and the problems you’re having. If for any reason we can’t diagnose your problem we will guide to one of our recommended specialists for a face to face consultation and refund you your online consultation fee (T&Cs apply).

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