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What is Strength?

Strength is our ability to move a joint against a force or resistance. Often the aim with these types of exercises are to increase the strength of the muscle involved or close to the injury.

Resistance can be provided by a weight or band but we can also apply resistance using body weight or opposing forces.

It is often normal for you to feel some discomfort or soreness during after these types of exercises as in order to build strength you must put the muscle under some controlled stress. Generally the soreness/discomfort should not last more than a day and often gets easier the more times you complete them.


At this stage try these simple strengthening exercises :

If you found those exercises too difficulty try this as an alternative and progress back to the above when you start to feel stronger:

If you found those exercises too easy here are some progressions to try and push you onto the next stage of recovery:

Once you feel you are managing to complete the exercises with ease, complete the progression test below to see if you are ready to move onto Strength Stage 2!

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