Reduce (Load)

Depending on the severity of your injury it may be advisable to support the ankle with a brace or boot in the initial phase this would be advised by the treating doctor but in most cases this is not necessary. As we recognise now it is important to move and load the ankle as tolerable as early as possible and avoid complete rest



A good option to help reduce the pain in the early stages of an ankle sprain, it also helps reduce the negative effects of too much inflammation without affecting the healing process. Try a bag of frozen peas or some crushed ice cubes in a damp towel applied to the affected area for 10-20 minutes


A compression sock or bandage can also be beneficial in the early stages to help limit the fluid build up and improve your joint awareness or proprioception


Due to the effects of gravity combined with a reduction in blood flow to the area the ankle has a tendency to swell more than most of our joints when injured so elevating it above your heart will allow excess fluid to reduce by natural drainage

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