Program Introduction

Welcome to your ankle sprain online recovery program!

 You have already completed the first challenge by signing up to the program and taking charge of your recovery.

Using our expertise and clinical experience we have developed a progressive program that should guide you through your ankle recovery regardless of when it was injured

We have simplified the rehab into three key categories; mobility, stability and strength and each one of those categories is divided into three increasingly challenging stages. To check you are progressing with the rehab and ready to move on there are progress tests which when succesfully completed will unlock the next stage.

Before you get started we need to briefly discuss two important elements of your injury that you will need to monitor and manage throughout the program; pain and swelling.



Ankles can swell a lot, especially after doing something new. We still don’t encourage anti-inflammatories at this stage. But try the below strategies at any stage of the rehab if you find the swelling is increasing again. A good indication is if you are struggling to get your trainer on its time to act.


Pain is normal, we expect the majority of pain to start settling after 2 weeks. Every time you do something new the pain may be a little worse for that day but often with doing it more and more the pain will get easier. We want to keep your pain as tolerable as possible throughout the recovery so if you feel your pain increasing beyond 3/10 on the below scale then try some of the techniques listed to help control it


Click on the next lesson to learn some techniques you can use throughout the recovery process to help with the pain and swelling, be sure to monitor these two important aspects of your injury as you progress!

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