What is Mobility?

Mobility is the ability for our joints to move through their full range. Following an injury the joint affected or close to the injured area can become stiff, even if the muscle is fully flexible. There are plenty of exercises and techniques we can use to help joints regain their mobility. These exercise can be a little uncomfortable and often feel very different from the normal stretching sensation that you feel during a muscle stretch.

Mobility Overview

At this stage we aim to start regaining some of the movement you may have lost as a result of your ankle sprain. Its normal to find your ankle is stiff after a sprain and the movement may also be limited by pain and swelling. You will start with some simple range of movement exercises to help in this early stage

What are Range of Movement Exercises?

Range of movement exercises are designed to maintain or improve the amount of motion or movement we have at a given joint in the body

It is influenced by a number of structures including:

    • joint surface
    • joint capsule
    • ligaments
    • tendons
    • muscles

Range of motion exercises can be active, active-assisted or passive.


We are going to start your mobility rehab with the following exercises. You can complete these 3x daily as instructed in the video below, expect there to be some discomfort but it should be tolerable and settle soon after finishing the exercises are complete

If you found those exercises too difficulty try this as an alternative and progress back to the above when you start to feel your movement improve:

Alternatively if you are finding the exercises too easy progress on to these more advanced exercises or go straight to the progress test

Once you feel like your mobility is progressing try the progress test below in order to move onto the next stage;

We need a little bit of information...