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This programme will guide you through your recovery,  with progression testing at key stages in the process to make sure you are improving as safely and efficiently as possible

One of the most important aspects of post operative rehabilitation is education. Being able to understand your injury often helps speed up your recovery so before you commit to the program have a read of the free information below to help grasp a better understanding of your injury…

What is a distal biceps rupture?

This is where the tendon (a specialised tissue) connecting the bicep muscle to your elbow tears and loses its connection to your forearm. This prevents the bicep from doing its roles of flexing the arm and supinating the hand (turn the hand so the palm is facing upwards).

How does it happen?

Often if the arm is forcefully or suddenly pulled straight while your are trying to resist. This happens if you try to pick up a weight that is too heavy, or try to catch something heavy with a single arm or pulling against a rope.

How long does it take to recover?

It will take around 3 months for you to get back to your normal daily activities, at this point you can start to return to sport with a graded return. Depending on your sport this can take up to another 6-8 weeks.

Is rehabilitation and exercise after surgery needed?

Yes, this is important and will often determine the outcome of your recovery. The surgeons work is to reconnect the bicep tendon back to your forearm, but this connection will need strengthening to stop a similar injury happening again and give you your full strength.

What happens after surgery?

After surgery your arm will be painful and will gradually stiffen, you will need to work through a process to regain your full function. We have developed a graded programme to help you achieve your best outcome. Early stages of rehab involve, reducing pain and regaining your movement back. Once your elbow has healed enough then you will begin to strengthen the muscle and tendon to allow you to use it normally again.

Now you understand your injury better, lets get started on the recovery!


To follow our Distal Bicep Tendon Repair programme we encouraged that you check with your orthopaedic consultant to ensure you are allowed to move your elbow to 40 degrees extension after 2 weeks.

This programme will guide you from surgery to full recovery. After you enrol you will gain access to to our rehabilitation programme. The programme is split into stages with each stage being linked to a different phase of recovery. You will only get access the exercises suited to your stage of recovery so there is no risk of pushing too far if you follow the advice given carefully.

A clinically proven step by step guide to your recovery, our programme progresses with you making sure you do the right exercises at the right time.

Clear videos answering all your common questions, demonstrating home treatment techniques and teaching you how to do complete your rehab

No equipment is required. We have built our programmes to work with everything you would find at home.

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