You’ve just injured yourself, you’ve been diagnosed and now you’re unsure what to do next? Our online programmes are designed to help you through your recovery, providing home treatment and exercise rehabilitation. At each stage of your recovery we will explain what to expect and how to improve. The programme will adjust to you as it progresses, making sure your recovery stays on track.



If your injury hasn’t been diagnosed or you prefer to talk to someone about your injury, then try our Online Consultations. Meet one of our experienced Physiotherapists online, who will assess and guide you through your recovery. The Online Consultations allow for  injury diagnosis, closer supervision and a more bespoke recovery programme.

As Physiotherapists with a combined 32 years of experience in injury rehabilitation, we have encountered many patients  who with the right advice and guidance see great results. Our Online Recovery programmes will guide you from day 1 of your injury (or whenever you choose to start with us) until you return to your favourite activities or playing the sports you love. Start your RECOVERY right away, no waiting for your first appointment or referral. Reduce the RELIANCE on face to face Physiotherapy consultations, only get into clinic when you really need it. Greater FLEXIBILITY and CONVENIENCE, recover at a time and speed that suits you. Take CONTROL of your injury, your recovery and your health.
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